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One of the most iconic images ever produced of New York City has been photographed by Henri Silberman. You may not immediately recognize Silberman's name, but everyone will instantly recognize his high-contrast black-and-white prints of the Big Apple.

Silberman was born in Paris but moved to Brooklyn, New York as a boy. Growing up in Brooklyn, with it’s dramatic views of Manhattan ignited his inherent passion for photography. He spent every last dollar and cent he had, at the age of 16, on the purchase of his first camera, a 35mm Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL. In fact, he’d overstretched himself so much, he didn’t even have any change to get back home on the subway! This marked the beginning of Silberman's highly successful career, making sure he’d never have to walk home again penniless!

Since high school, his fascinations have always been with cities, with all the contrasts and contradictions inherent in the urban metropolis. Silberman immerses himself in the buzz surrounding this most exciting of cities, taking in the crowds, culture and quick-changing pace amidst the skyscrapers of New York City within his stride.

Working with medium and large formats, Silberman's images employ a chiaroscuro technique, a style strongly characterized by sharp contrasts between light and dark in his archival-based silver-gelatin prints. Highly-skilled, his legendary images of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Buildings are classic and timeless – some might even say Silberman is a natural successor to Brassaï.

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