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Gabriella Benevolenza, who is of Italian-Finnish heritage, was born in July 1968 in Finland’s capital, Helsinki. Raised in different countries as a child, Benevolenza finally settled in Alsace, France where she currently now lives and paints.

Between 1992 and 1995, Benevolenza studied Fine Art and is now a valued member of AIDA (Artistes Independent d'Alsace). Benevolenza's paintings appear highly constructed and semi-abstract, with a harmonious mixture of solid colour and translucency. Employing various forms of materials such as plaster, metal-pigmented paints, fabric swatches, emery paper and printed collage material, the talented artist juxtaposes them all together in a series of collages with a square stencil.

Benevolenza provides rhythm in her canvases by using horizontal and vertical lines. A horizontal division might suggest houses, a small harbour or bottles.

The titles she gives to her artworks have no association with the objects portrayed (in shades ranging from bright orange, delicate grey and warm ecru) on the canvases so creating a sense of mystery, where audiences can question the implied meanings behind little squares in the middle of one of Benevolenza’s canvases.

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