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Featured In: Grazia Magazine

This week’s Grazia magazine features a brilliant sneak peak into the home of Elisa Fuksas, a writer and director based in Rome. In a unique style, which Grazia has dubbed ‘Minimalism With Attitude,’ Elisa’s home mixes rough with smooth yet is centred around a firm love of art. Grazia chose this ‘Make Art Not War’

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Art Before and Afters

I often show you how you can achieve a desired look with your art choices, but this pre-supposes that you’ve already made the decision that you would like to incorporate art into your room. Today I thought it would be fun to have a look at a few rooms I’ve found that don’t have any art

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Art Inspiration from Home Tour

Being that I am a curious (read: slightly nosy) person, I really enjoy reading blog posts about house tours and before and afters. They’re one of the best ways to see how real life people deal with design challenges, and they offer great inspiration. I came across this house tour and I liked so many

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How to Decorate Small Spaces

I may have mentioned earlier that I’ll be moving into a new flat soon. I hate the process of moving, but I love the idea of going to a new flat and reassessing décor. While our new flat is much nicer, some of the rooms are a bit smaller, which has presented me with the

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Decorating with Retro Beach Photography

Okay, I know I declared it is summer before, but it’s really starting to feel like it now. That’s why I don’t feel bad at all about posting these brilliant retro prints of the beach. They’re playful scenes with lovely ice cream tones, and this idea offers up a fun take on the coastal look. Seascapes don’t

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Using Chinese Woodcuts and Propaganda Art in Décor

I came across this room quite a while ago and I was (really) excited by it. I immediately knew that we had some similar prints on our site that could get you on your way to a similar look, but I held back on posting it because I wondered how you all might respond to

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DIY Decoupage Desktop with Posters

This is our very first DIY post and I hope you enjoy it! I saw this desk on a blog and they didn’t really explain what they did to get this great look. I don’t know what steps they took, but this is my advice on a very easy way to achieve this. You don’t

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Creating a Window Effect with City Photography

When I look out of my window at home, it looks onto a view of Georgian terraced houses. While they’re quite lovely, they’re no Eiffel Tower. The office shown below has a beautiful view of Paris and, in particular, the Eiffel Tower which I think can be emulated very beautifully by a photography print. If

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9 Ways to Frame It: “Almond Blossoms, 1890″

I’m back with more fantastic framing fun! Today’s pick is by Mr. Vincent Van Gogh, and it’s called “Almond Blossoms.” This is a particularly fun image to work with because you can make it whatever size you want and after this post, you’ll be able to frame it however you want too! This room goes

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Architecture Photography Adds Depth to the Home

Hi! This is Karlita from The Purple Bow, it is an honour to be here with you sharing two of my favorite interiors and also a way to achieve them. Breathtaking tridimensional architectural photography has the ability to turn any room from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’! These pieces add impressive volume and a sense of depth,

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