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Featured In: Country Homes and Interiors

Popular Easyart artist, Deborah Schenck invited the team at Country Homes and Interiors into her idyllic Devonshire cottage for a feature in July’s magazine. The piece highlights Deborah’s wonderful eye for detail and truly eclectic style which celebrates the beauty of the cottage. With miniature collections of postcards, birds nests and shells and her own

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Michael Palin on Christina’s World

A one hour documentary called Michael Palin in Wyeth’s World aired on BBC2 last night. Palin explored the life of this 20th century American painter and gave his take on one of Wyeth’s most famous paintings, Christina’s World. You can watch the clip below.

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Contemporary Abstract Artists Rex Ray and Inaluxe

Having seen a Rex Ray piece in person, I am a big fan of contemporary abstract artists. This style encompasses a wide range of looks, so today I’m taking a look at a little sliver of it with Rex Ray and Inaluxe. Rex Ray’s works are whimsical and fun, resembling things you’re familiar with, like fairs, while

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50 Years of Warhol’s Campbell Soup Prints

I came across this photo of colourful Campbell’s soup cans yesterday and was really excited to learn that the American soup company has released a limited edition range of  Andy Warhol-style soups to celebrate 50 years since his first soup print! How cool is that?! I think I would buy up all of the colour-ways

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Beautiful Floral Photography from Sabina Ruber

These brilliant floral close-ups are from a new artist to our site, Sabina Ruber. Ruber’s works are great in so many ways – whether you’re a gardener, plant lover, art lover or photographer, her prints have appeal. It just so happens that she is all of the above, so her passions come across perfectly in

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New Anthony Peters Art Prints

You may have been wondering what’s been going on at the ole Easyart headquarters… Well, the answer is lots! I’m looking forward to sharing the changes as they happen, but for now, how about checking out these great new prints that are now living in our meeting room. These images are by print artist, Anthony Peters.

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Abstract Paintings and Prints of Helen Frankenthaler

I love to scroll through Pinterest and see all of the great things everyone is pinning. I find a lot of inspiring images on there and occasionally get reminded of things that I forgot I love! Today’s rediscovery is Helen Frankenthaler. Frankenthaler was an American abstract expressionist and her colourful works are a decorator’s dream. It’s no

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Norfolk Boy is Bringing Summer Sun to Décor

It’s summer! I’m calling it, and no one can convince me otherwise! The winter can be difficult here, but I’ve come up with the ultimate defence against winter blues– summery, bright décor. To really achieve this, you’ll need to pick a bright colour palette and add a few summer touches, like some trinkets from the seaside and maybe

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Stylish Britannia Look with Bridget Davies

You may have seen my other post about the fabulous Britannia look, but I’m back with another! This time I’m focusing on a new artist to the site, Bridget Davies. Davies’ work is a very fashionable take on the Cool Britannia trend and not only will you want the prints when you see them, you’ll

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Picasso Line Drawings

You may recall us mentioning the Picasso Exhibition that will be opening at the Tate this Wednesday. Well, all that talk about Picasso inspired me to do a little exploring of his works and I’ve come across some beautiful line drawings! This isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think about

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