Popcorn or Nachos?

  You don’t need to have a cinema in your basement or be living in student digs to embrace to the vintage movie poster trend. Framed vintage film posters can bring a touch of character to a modern space in a fun yet sophisticated way. Hang one large poster with pride, making it the focal point of your

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Seaside Prints For City Spaces

There’s probably a small part in each and every one of us that wishes we could live by the sea. Fantasies of walking the dog along the sand, having breakfast on the sea-facing balcony and popping out for an afternoon dip in cool waters float to mind whenever the sun begins to shine.

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Colours That Pop

Colour is back with a vengeance. From fashion to interiors, colour is here to remind us that it is the top tool for transforming our homes, our outfits and the way we feel. Loud and proud tones add an instant injection of energy to a room by making unapologetic, bold visual statements. Colours can pop

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Classic Floral Canvases

You may not have known this, but floral still lives are most definitely your friend. I know what you’re thinking. “That’s so dated.”… Wrong! Floral canvases are tres cool and I can prove it. Observe and admire the above room, which incorporates two simple floral canvas prints to add a delicate and very elegant touch.

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Coffee Art

Welcome back, friends! Happy New Year to you all! I had to laugh a little at myself this Christmas because I didn’t realise how obvious my love of coffee was to my friends and family. I got a nice coffee thermos as a gift from my brother and another person said they were thinking about

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Heart Art

I came across this room and noticed there’s no art on the wall. Shock-horror! There’s colourful bedding and a fun heart pillow, so why not play off of all of these great elements on that excellent blank canvas? I think it would be a good touch to work with the pillow design with some heart

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Black, White and Gold Abstract Expressionism

Yesterday while looking through some limited editions and silkscreens, I came across some great black and white abstract expressionist prints. I couldn’t think too long about them, however, because I was on a different mission. Well, destiny led me right back to these beauties because this morning I found this extremely chic room featuring a similar

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Pantone Colour of the Year 2013

Pantone have announced the Colour of the Year for 2013 and it’s lush and beautiful. It would seem that 2013 will be all about the colour emerald! Don’t believe me? This year’s colour was tangerine, and if you think back, you may recall seeing quite a bit of that Pantone shade this year. With their announcement of

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Bokeh Photography

Today’s post is a little different than my usual décor posts because I’ve made a discovery that’s I’m bursting to share with you! While shopping for fun photography accessories, I learned about bokeh. Bokeh is a photography technique whereby you place a cut-out over your lens, and light in the out-of-focus areas takes on the shape of

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Sheet Music Art

I don’t read music, but I’m pretty sure you would have to be amazing to read that sheet music art print in the room above - wowzers! I’m not sure if the owners of this home are musicians, but I think this is a pitch perfect way to add some musical flavour to a room (like

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