Popcorn or Nachos?

Posted by Oliver Moser Andon, 9 December 2013



You don’t need to have a cinema in your basement or be living in student digs to embrace to the vintage movie poster trend. Framed vintage film posters can bring a touch of character to a modern space in a fun yet sophisticated way. Hang one large poster with pride, making it the focal point of your room or create a display with a selection of smaller prints.

With a range of titles and genres, you can display your movie taste on your walls. Or let design take the lead by choosing a selection from legendary graphic artist and film poster designer, Saul Bass.


(Bullitt - Cinema Greats, Breakfast At Tiffany’s - Cinema Greats)

For true horror movie fans, there is none better than Hammer. The posters for Hammer’s cult horror films were designed to shock and entertain and have since become must-have decor for horror fanatics and vintage lovers alike.


(Dracula - Hammer, The Abominable Snowman - Hammer)

Take a look at our collection of vintage movie posters, we’ve got a blockbuster for every film buff!

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