Seaside Prints For City Spaces

Posted by admin, 3 May 2013

There’s probably a small part in each and every one of us that wishes we could live by the sea. Fantasies of walking the dog along the sand, having breakfast on the sea-facing balcony and popping out for an afternoon dip in cool waters float to mind whenever the sun begins to shine.

Whilst we can’t all up-sticks and permanently plant ourselves by the sea, the right selection of seaside inspired art can give your home that beachy feel all year round without you having to succumb to the sharp sea breeze of winter and the menacing seagulls!

Top: Mirrorpix – Beach Umbrella 1963, Keri Bevan – A Day at the Beach
Bottom: Norfolk Boy – After Surfing Always a Pasty, Hannah Cole – Waiting Dog

See our full collection of seaside prints HERE

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