Country Kitchen Design: Mushroom Kitchen Pictures

Posted by admin, 15 October 2012

The country kitchen design trend seems to be growing and growing, and it’s such a perfect look for a kitchen that it’s no surprise. Allow me to paint a picture of my ideal country kitchen…

I would have a few beautiful appliances on my counter top – perhaps a vintage KitchenAid mixer. I would also have some French linen towels draped over my wooden cabinets, some of which have glass fronts. On my well-worn, wooden kitchen table would be a few potted herbs (basil, coriander,  parsley…), a vase of fresh flowers and a glass of wine (why not?). Then, on my walls would be these beauties:

Right from the RHS Collection, these colourful mushroom botanical prints are perfect for any country kitchen. They add a little interest to the room without being over-the-top. I like the idea of hanging them in a set because you get more variety and colour.

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