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Art Inspiration from Home Tour

Posted by admin, 10 August 2012

Being that I am a curious (read: slightly nosy) person, I really enjoy reading blog posts about house tours and before and afters. They’re one of the best ways to see how real life people deal with design challenges, and they offer great inspiration. I came across this house tour and I liked so many design elements that I found myself clicking through the gallery in a design frenzy! Then my stomach did a little flip when I saw art prints from Mark Rothko and Roy Lichtenstein. As always, I will never show you a look that I can’t help you get for yourself…

These Rothko prints are very similar to those shown in our featured house. The fantastic thing about Rothko is that he has paintings in so many colour combinations, which makes it a little easier to find something to suit the look you’re going for. I framed these in an Ash Box frame with a cream mount like shown in the top room shot.

Print: Blam, 1962. Room via

This room is a super treat because I can point you to the exact print featured, Blam, 1962. This print adds energy to an otherwise straight forward design scheme. BLAM! Instant focal point for the room! Here are two more pieces by Lichtenstein that along a similar theme.

What do you think of how the art was used in these two rooms?

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