New Anthony Peters Art Prints

Posted by Ferren, 9 July 2012

You may have been wondering what’s been going on at the ole Easyart headquarters… Well, the answer is lots! I’m looking forward to sharing the changes as they happen, but for now, how about checking out these great new prints that are now living in our meeting room.

These images are by print artist, Anthony Peters. We’ve had a small collection of prints by Peters for some time, but our collection just got a lot bigger with some brilliant, quirky typographical additions (shown above). Peters says that he’s dabbled a bit in fine art and music, but he gets a bit more enjoyment out of his illustrations and typography. His interests in various media are very evident in his work, and make for prints that you can really connect to.

prints by Anthony Peters

Are you picking up on a bit of a retro vibe with some of these prints? Perhaps that’s because Peters says he likes to keep his work simple, incorporating design elements from past and present. He says that he doesn’t work based on trends and likes to be inspired by his interests, but I have to tell you, prints in the style of his work are hugely popular and this look isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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