Ice Cream Tones for a Girly Office

Posted by admin, 27 July 2012

Neapolitan Office
Neapolitan Office by ferreng on


Okay, I’ve just sat down to spend some quality time with Polyvore and I think I love it. You can design entire rooms on there from scratch! When I sat down to do this room I didn’t really have any inspiration, I was just playing around. Next thing I knew, I had a theme and a lot of great choices! I’m moving flats soon, so I’m basically already addicted.

My inspiration for this room is neapolitan ice cream (yum). The tones are soft and girly. In my mind, this office belongs to a fashionable, self-employed creative. Maybe a fashion stylist who collects shoes. Here is the art I chose for our fictitious fashionista’s office…

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