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Posted by Ferren, 22 June 2012

rooms via 1,2

I saw a beautiful photo of a nursery this morning and it gave me a touch of baby fever. When you aren’t planning for an actual baby, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild with gorgeous (and sometimes expensive) possibilities like I just did. Some of you may be planning for a real baby’s room right now, so I thought I would share a couple of cute rooms I’ve found and some very affordable possibilities of children’s prints that would be great in a baby or kid’s room.

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These prints a perfect for a nursery. Visual stimulation is very important at this stage in a child’s development, so I think it’s good to have lots of beautiful things around to stimulate your little bundle’s eyes. Animal prints are perfect for boys and girls and can be very useful aids in teaching the alphabet during the toddler stage.

rooms via 1,2

Once your children get a little older, they’ll definitely gravitate to more “big kid” art works. Marvel has a great collection of superhero prints, or go for art that relates to whatever your child is into. I have a very young sister who’s quite into fashion that I know would love the girl prints I suggested below.

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