What is typography? Typography Design and Art Prints

Posted by Ferren, 16 May 2012

You may have seen a lot on blogs about typography and word graphics lately and wondered, “what is typography, exactly?” A very simple definition is that it’s the art of arranging text– that includes font, arrangement and a lot of other things that people spend a lot of time studying!

Beautiful typography isn’t really a trend because it’s always been around, but I suppose you could say that it’s been particularly popular in recent years. There was even a film made about my favourite font, Helvetica (nerdy confession).

This style is a great way to stamp a bit of personality on your home in a simple and chic way. My husband and I have a few items around our house with our initials, but you could also go for prints of the alphabet or phrases you like. Find a word or phrase that means something to you and frame it for your home! There are so many ways to express yourself, and this one is rather stylish.

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