Stylish Britannia Look with Bridget Davies

Posted by Ferren, 18 May 2012

Shoe print: “The Royal Courts”. Images via 1,2,3

You may have seen my other post about the fabulous Britannia look, but I’m back with another! This time I’m focusing on a new artist to the site, Bridget Davies. Davies’ work is a very fashionable take on the Cool Britannia trend and not only will you want the prints when you see them, you’ll wish you could have some of the clothes she paints too!

She is a Sussex-based artist with a background in fashion and textiles. This passion really shines through in her work, and some of her figural pieces show her influence from fashion illustrations. Of her own work, Davies says:

Drawing, in my opinion, is one of the most important things one can do as it is this that will develop one’s personal style and it teaches close observation which will eventually make perspective, lines, plains, composition start to come naturally… I do use my imagination in my art, but I think drawing for life is a more emotional experience.

I’m very excited to see her work because it’s such a fresh take on all of the British-themed art I’ve seen lately (and I’ve seen a lot). Don’t be misled, though. Davies has a breadth of work outside of this theme and it’s all worthy of your attention (and adoration).

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