Father’s Day: Gifts for Dad

Posted by Ferren, 30 May 2012

Father’s day is coming up… Are you ready? I somehow feel like dads don’t get as much love on their day as moms do. What do we usually give our dads – socks? a tie? I think it’s time to give something a little different, don’t you?

I was speaking with my dad recently and he was telling me about how he’s finished refurbishments in his house and is now starting to think about decorating one of the new rooms – his man cave. If you don’t know, the “man cave” is the guy-zone of the house. For some it includes leftover bits from bachelorhood, but it could also be a sort of office space. It made me think that a really thoughtful gift for him this year could be something to help make his man cave a little cosier.

Vintage sports photography is a classic, masculine addition to this type of area. If your father is into athletics, why not find him a classic photo from his favourite sport? It definitely beats getting a tie!

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