Colour Stories: Blue and White Home Decorating

Posted by Ferren, 25 May 2012

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Blue and white isn’t just for porcelain any more, ladies and gentlemen. This colour story is an update on a classic look, and it’s the perfect way to straddle the line between modern and traditional in your home.

I love the blue and white accents in these rooms because they give the eye a place to focus. I recently purchased a small blue and white vase that I’m excited to throw in the mix of my décor scheme, but my style at home isn’t traditional, so I’ll be adding in a few other blue elements to tie things together. This is easily done with a cushion, a foot rest or an art piece.

If you’re planning to introduce a new colour into your decorating scheme, but sure to add a few pieces in your chosen colour for continuity. This helps to make sure that those accent pieces look like purposeful additions and not like presents you’ve been meaning to re-gift.

I originally selected a mix of blue and white prints for this post, but I came across these prints by Manuel Rebollo (from our Eyes on Walls collection), and thought I would just share these. These are absolutely striking and would work beautifully in a living room.

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