Chelsea Flower Show Inspiration: Floral Art Prints

Posted by Ferren, 23 May 2012

Yesterday saw the start of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and everyone has flowers on the brain! We even have a floral theme going on over on our Facebook page. The show lasts through Saturday, and in honour of all of the floral-themed shows going on in the coming weeks, I wanted to do a post about incorporating some botanical goodness into your décor.

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Having flowers and art in your home are individually known to have positive affects on your mental health, so a combination of the two must be doubly awesome, right? Right? ;) Well, maybe… I think that I would feel very jolly looking at beautiful floral art prints everyday.

There are so many ways to interpret this look. You can go bohemian, Asian, classic, modern or more. This is the perfect theme for art when you’d like to keep things fairly neutral in your home, or if you’re in need of a colour boost.

I’ve chosen to show some fun, colourful prints, but there are always more subtle options like floral photography for a sleeker, more modern look.

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