Seaside and Coastal Railway Posters

Posted by Ferren, 9 April 2012

Let’s all close our eyes and imagine this is our beach home, shall we? Daydream over? Right.

If you’re going for a coastal style in your home, you may already have come to realise how important the art is for this look. You may live near the coast or maybe you just want to evoke memories of home– either way, it’s good to make sure that you inject enough subtle elements in your décor to convey the theme. There are three basic artistic approaches to coastal: seascapes, beach imagery (shells, deck chairs, etc.) and vintage railway posters.

Room via Country Living. Print: “Ramsgate,” National Railway Museum

Railway posters are great because they can be of a specific place close to your heart and they have Pop Art appeal. I think they work even better when they are of a different place than where you live because it offers a little escape.

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