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Graphic Patterns for Home Design

Posted by Ferren, 4 April 2012

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Yay! I love the graphic look and it’s destined to be in shops of all types soon if it isn’t already. Everyone is mad about bold, geometric patterns and shapes because they’re so eye-catching and versatile. You may not want to paint stripes up and down your wall, but there are so many ways to play up this style.

You can go for blocks of colour (cleverly named ‘colour-blocking’) with furniture accents, which works well in more retro schemes, or go for full-on pattern play by adding in a mixture of geometric patterns. Use art prints as a way to balance out the décor of your room and adjust for anything visual that’s lacking or give the eye a resting place, as needed.

Clockwise from top-left: “Tlinko, 1955 (Silkscreen print),” Victor Vasarely. “Weiches Hart, 1927,” Wassily Kandinsky. “Durango,” Sean Scully. “Vonal KSZ,” Victor Vasarely. “Vonal KSZ,” Victor Vasarely. “Rhythms,” Robert Delaunay.

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