Film Posters Just in Time for the Oscars

Posted by Ferren, 22 February 2012

via Adore Vintage (top), elle decor (bottom left), and Manolo Home (bottom right)

We’re in the throws of award show season and the Oscars are coming up this Sunday. My inner design-freak is now properly torn between thinking about the fashion for the big event and the films. You’ll get no predictions from me on winners, though– instead, I’ve chosen to make this specially movie-themed post.

We don’t all have enough spare room for a home theatre, so we may have to hold off on that giant flat screen TV and the popcorn maker. That’s okay– I’d personally be happy with just one good film poster. While contemporary posters can be quite good, there’s something undeniably brilliant about vintage film posters. I’ve got the King Kong poster below on my wishlist (wink, wink). These obviously work well in a home theatre, but they certainly add a lot of character to a living room or kid’s room as well.

“Godzilla (1954)” (top left), “King Kong, 1933″ (top right), “Pulp Fiction (Cover)” (bottom right), “Casablanca” (bottom left)

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