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Homey Art Accessories for the Kitchen

Posted by Ferren, 18 January 2012 (top left), (top right), (bottom right), (bottom left)

For many homes, the kitchen is the centre of activity. Whether entertaining guests or cooking for the family, a good deal of a home’s activity happens in the kitchen. For this reason, we all spend a good amount of time making this room one of the cosiest and personal of all. One way to make a deliciously cosy kitchen is to accessorise with warm, inviting imagery.

We have a great collection of food and drink imagery (it’s especially worth checking out our collection from Atelier), and below are some samples of my personal favourites for the kitchen. I particularly like the idea of a colourful photo of fruit in the gorgeous green kitchen shown above.

“Fruits exotiques,” Atelier (top left); “L’atelier d’Amelie : Home,” Amélie Vuillon (top right); “French Cheese,” Atelier (bottom right); “Bottles of olive oil,” Atelier (bottom left)

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