Assaf Frank: Photographer and Easyart Academy Artist

Posted by Ferren, 2 January 2012

“Nordic Midnight” by Assaf Frank

Assaf Frank was born in Israel 1971, and spent his childhood playing on the farmland where his parents work.

He went on to have a successful career in IT, travelling the world, which inspired his passion for photography. During this time he began to build a collection of high quality digital images combining his photography skills with his computer knowledge to produce beautiful colour manipulations.

In 2008 he became a full time photographer and his images are now published around the world on products, greetings cards and wall art.

EA: Colour and form are really prominent in your photographic images—would you say that these are important to your work?
AF: I love simplicity, clean lines and bold colour. I experiment with different colours as it inspires me but also people want beautiful images to match their interiors.

“Bougainvillea flower extreme close-up” by Assaf Frank

EA: What is your favourite subject to photograph?
AF: I love being outside photographing landscapes but I also like the balance of being in the studio photographing floral images.

EA: There is a great element of fun in some of your images as well.
AF: I photograph images for the greetings cards industry, my wife is a food stylist so we work together to produce images such as cupcakes, cute dogs and funny Christmas puddings. We try to come up with fun things which will make people laugh, and cupcakes are very popular for wall art for kitchen diners and children’s’ bedrooms.

EA: Is the natural world your greatest inspiration?
AF: Yes, I love the natural world. I grew up on a farm ten minutes from the beach in Israel so being outdoors is natural for me. I enjoy visiting new places to photograph such as Norway last year or returning to places like the Lake District at different times of year to capture different seasons.

“Close-up of calla lily (B&W)” by Assaf Frank

EA: Do you feel that on line and digital advancements have affected the way you work?
AF: Yes- I wouldn’t be a photographer if it wasn’t digital as I was born into the computer age. Technology is second nature for me. As a digital photographer I can see the results of my work immediately rather than waiting for films to be developed which allows me to be more creative.

Images being sold on line have changed the way we buy art and allows customers to have the size and shape of art they require. Everything is easy when it is online.

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