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Architecture Photography Adds Depth to the Home

Posted by Ferren, 25 January 2012

Hi! This is Karlita from The Purple Bow, it is an honour to be here with you sharing two of my favorite interiors and also a way to achieve them.

Breathtaking tridimensional architectural photography has the ability to turn any room from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’!

These pieces add impressive volume and a sense of depth, provide a point of interest and make a room feel more cultural and collected.

“Gothic Arches,” Deb Scudder (left); “Brooklyn Bridge,” David Patel (right)

I have long been waiting to take a fabulous photograph, print it and hang it on my wall, but with these sepia pieces, I think there is no need to wait anymore.

How do you feel about these paintings? Can you imagine them on your walls?

PS. Although these are classic pieces of art, I love how they can fit in any interior style as we saw above.

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