9 Ways to Frame It: “Harvest Time”

Posted by Ferren, 9 January 2012

Room designed by Emily Henson

I saw a shot of this room last week, and in addition to noticing the beautiful couch and the crisp, white floors, I noticed the cheeky little prints on either side of the mirror. The way these pictures are framed instantly elevate the room’s fun factor. As I am always thinking of you, I took a little time to find a similar print by Gerry Baptist so you  can get the look of the small print on the right. The colour palette in this room is amazing – read on for today’s instalment of “9 Ways to Frame It.”

“Harvest Time” by Gerry Baptist

1. Square Green frame, No mount 2. Silver Cushion frame, Ivory mount 3. Brushed Silver frame, Mid blue mount 4. Limed Wood frame, Ivory mount 5. Frosted Silver frame, Lavendar mount 6. Square White frame, No mount 7. Canvas transfer 8. Polished Silver frame, Light Blue 9. Frosted Gold frame, Ivory mount

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