9 Ways to Frame It: “Almond Blossoms, 1890″

Posted by Ferren, 30 January 2012

I’m back with more fantastic framing fun! Today’s pick is by Mr. Vincent Van Gogh, and it’s called “Almond Blossoms.” This is a particularly fun image to work with because you can make it whatever size you want and after this post, you’ll be able to frame it however you want too!

This room goes heavy on the turquoise, but this image can work in a variety of settings from contemporary to traditional. With that said, let the framing commence…

1. Silver Cushion frame, Ivory mount 2. Limed Wood frame, Cream mount 3. Frosted Gold frame, Mid Green mount 4. Black Tudor frame, No mount 5. Frosted Gold frame, Damascus Green mount 6. Two Tone – Gold frame, Mid Brown mount 7. Polished Silver frame, Emerald mount 8. Black Stain frame, Ivory mount 9. Canvas Print

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