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Fruity Flavours for Interiors

Posted by Ferren, 21 December 2011

Top Left:; Top Right:; Bottom Left:; Bottom Right:

It’s time to get bold with your colour choices, but don’t worry– you can ease into it to reduce shock. Tangerine is an excellent shade of orange that can go a long way to add interest to a room. As you can probably see in the top left image, a little bit of orange really stands out, so if you don’t want to go so far as to get a Tangerine sofa, you can just add little touches.

Tangerine is a reddish-orange, so it compliments green shades nicely, as with the Linda Maron print shown below. We have quite a large range of orange prints, so I’ve selected a few to get your creative juices flowing.

Top Left: “Flaming June” by Lord Frederic Leighton; Top Right: “Untitled, 1991 (orange)” by Jurgen Wegner; Bottom Left: “Fiori” by Linda Maron; Bottom Right: “Study for Homage to the Square” by Josef Albers

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