9 Ways to Frame It: “Diamond Dust Shoes, 1980 (lilac, blue, green)”

Posted by Ferren, 19 December 2011

Photograph by Simon Upton for elledecor.com

I came across this photo featuring several of Andy Warhol’s shoe prints and fell into instant and complete love. It’s amazing how certain things never occur to you until you see it somewhere else. These prints aren’t the Warhol images that you see so often, so you get the modern edge of his work while still having a fresh look.

Here’s our next instalment of 9 Ways to Frame It with Andy Warhol’s “Diamond Dust Shoes, 1980 (lilac, blue, green)”.

9 Ways to Frame “Diamond Dust Shoes, 1980 (lilac, blue, green)” by Andy Warhol

1. Matt Black frame, Off-white mount
2. Flat white frame, Snow white mount
3. Square Green frame, Pale Pink mount
4. Square Blue frame, No mount
5. Ash Box frame, Ivory mount
6. Black Tudor frame, New Cream mount
7. Flat Frosted Silver Frame, Light Blue mount
8. Black Gold Edge frame, No mount
9. Flat White frame, Lavender mount

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