A Miami Photography Journal: Art Treasures of a Tropical Playground

Posted by Ferren, 13 September 2011

Miami South Beach Sunset Photograph

Sweet dreams are made of this: Miami Sunset Photograph

As we’ve been having such shocking (bordering on the vile) weather recently, I wanted to share my photographs of Miami that I took on my recent holiday, and bring some sunshine home to a drizzly Britain.

Despite it’s well-deserved reputation as a party town (nothing wrong with that in moderation!), there are some under-the-radar cultural gems to be discovered within the city, including The Wolfsonian. It’s an institute which houses a fantastic collection of vintage art prints from between 1885-1945, as well as furniture and household objects such as Bakelite radios, all of which make you feel like you’ve stepped into a bygone era.

I also hadn’t realised how popular the whimsical pop-art inspired work of Romero Britto is, which was proved by a visit to the super busy Lincoln Road gallery of the Brazilian born artist.

Romero Britto Gallery Photograph

Romero Britto Picture Gallery and Shop

Miami has fantastic architecture from it’s Art Deco heyday (did you know that most of buildings were originally painted white, with the introduction of colour only happening in the 1980s?). I also loved the brand new Frank Gehry designed New World Center with it’s gravity defying veranda of abstract forms, which houses the city’s symphony orchestra.

The New World Center designed by Frank Gehry

An exercise in elegance: The New World Center, designed by Frank Gehry

With it’s lush tropical plants and beautiful beaches (that have inspired photographers such as Michael Kahn) I can’t recommend Miami enough. Please rate or slate my pictures, I’d love to know your thoughts and would any images be worthy of the Easyart Academy?

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