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Gareth Billstrand Rychter…an introduction

Posted by Ferren, 21 June 2011

Gareth Billstrand Rychter Bath 1 and Bath 2 Art Prints

Bath 1 and Bath 2, lovingly rendered images of the artist’s wife

In the first of an occasional series, we’ll be bringing you news and guest posts by artists from the Easyart Academy, where we offer artists the chance to host their artworks online and gain access to a wider audience, where art print reproductions of original works can be purchased.

Gareth Billstrand Rychter was born in 1972 in a small town on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. Rather romantically, he recently moved to Malmö, Sweden to be with the love of his life, who is now his wife. His wife is also the subject of most of his paintings, which he describes as a photorealistic style, as seen in the immaculate precision with which he paints.

See the video below that Gareth recently took of an exhibition hosted in a converted windmill near the now famous town of Ystad, having become renowned recently as the birthplace of the (real) singer Lykke Li and the home of the (fictional) detective Kurt Wallander from the Henning Mankell novels!

This showing of Mr Rychter’s most admired artwork included Chainless, with it’s chic Jean-Paul Gaultier style Breton stripes, the lovely vintage style Warsaw Tea art print and the striking duo of Bath 1 and Bath 2.

Gareth Billstrand Rychter Warsaw Tea art print and Chainless art print

The retro glamour of the Warsaw Tea art print and the play of form, line and shadow in the Chainless art print

Gareth also showed work at this exhibition that seemed to be a statement on our growing obsession with technology (no irony intended as I type this into a blog post!) and a lovely nature study, which demonstrates how his art is currently evolving.

The exhibition was also part of initiative to raise funds for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden) and made around £800 in total, which is a fantastic contribution towards such a deserving cause!

Find out more about Gareth Billstrand Rychter and see the fantastic art prints which are currently available, a collection which will be expanded very soon!


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