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Sergio Pitamitz Photographs: A Truly Global Vision

While Sergio Pitamitz may not be a familiar name in your household, the chances are that you may have seen his work in your Sunday supplement or a subscription to Newsweek or National Geographic, so we’re very pleased to have added his pictures to our collection of photography. Sergio was born in 1968 in Milan,

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The Tube Map: How will our understanding of the London Underground map evolve?

The iconic London Underground map has helped many of us understand how to get around our frankly gargantuan capital city. Since the Harry Beck map appeared in 1931, characterised by lines at 45 degree angles, the design has remained consistent, with new lines added as the city has continued to expand. Beck’s classic cartography has also

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Louise Cunningham: An Interview with the Illustrator Extraordinaire!

Since graduating in Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art in 2005, Louise Cunningham has worked as a freelance illustrator. She recently relocated to her new home-studio in Bristol (which is the new Brighton, don’t you know?!) By combining ink drawings with painted paper collages, she creates images with multi-layered textures that pulsate with positive energy. Louise

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Edgar Degas’ Legacy: A Lasting Impressionist Influence

When looking at some images created by Easyart Academy artists recently, I was struck by how influential the art of Impressionist painter Edgar Degas is. Although considered an ‘important’ artist of the movement with his studies of dancers, he’s not held in quite the same esteem as key Impressionist figures such as Monet. Above is a

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Vintage Railway Art Prints from The Golden Age of Travel: The National Railway Museum Collection

Whilst busily compiling the best art print and poster collections that we have at Easyart, I’ve recently stumbled some fantastic vintage travel posters from The National Railway Museum. These posters date from the 1920s to the 1950s, and symbolize when railway travel in England (which from the Victorian era had primarily been used for trade and commerce) became

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Mario Testino: ‘Todo O Nada’ Rome Exhibition Photographic Art Prints Exclusive to Easyart

I’m very proud to announce that Easyart is exclusively stocking a range of Mario Testino art prints from his exhibition which opened on 8 July 2011 at the Fondazione Memmo based in the Palazzo Ruspoli, Rome. ‘Todo o Nada’ when translated from Testino’s native Spanish means ‘All or Nothing’ and encapsulates the specialist art forms that have made him

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Gareth Billstrand Rychter…an introduction

In the first of an occasional series, we’ll be bringing you news and guest posts by artists from the Easyart Academy, where we offer artists the chance to host their artworks online and gain access to a wider audience, where art print reproductions of original works can be purchased. Gareth Billstrand Rychter was born in 1972 in a

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Lady Gaga: Imitator, Innovator, or both?

  On May 23 2011, the Mother (or should that be Mother Monster?) ship descends upon us, bringing the new Lady Gaga album, Born This Way.  Admittedly, Lady Gaga’s image has changed profoundly since she burst on the scene in early 2009 with ‘Just Dance’.  Her outfits are increasingly provocative and complex, ranging from Alexander McQueen lobster claw shoes to a dress

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National (Gallery) Treasures

I hope that the following classic canvas art print, Bathers at Asnières, reproduced from the Georges Seurat original in The National Gallery, is helping along the optimistic mood being felt by everyone in the current GLORIOUS weather! However, did you know that some art prints that you’re buying may not accurately reflect, in terms of quality of printing and colour, the

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The Future’s Bright: Neon Rules

One trend that will make its mark in summer 2011 is neon colour.

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