Will Bates art prints and posters

Painting has been Will's main occupation for the past 25 years after a lifetimes work in graphic arts.

Running his own London based design consultancy gave Will the confidence to trust his own judgement.

Each new Painting, as far as he was concerned, was another design commission, without a client. He was sure that now the job could be done first and a client could be found.

The Royal Academy of Arts, summer exhibition accepted his painting 'Goodlands' early in his career. Painting conventionally at first, he exhibited at the Newlyn Orion Galleries and the Penwith Society of Arts, St.Ives. As well as work in the Mid Cornwall Gallery, he was runner up in the Sterts Figurative Art Competition in successive years.

Drawing in a Childlike style and working out composition conventionally, Will has embraced new media technologies to produce some of the most vibrant colourfull work to date. He is working at the cutting edge of an exciting way of producing artwork.

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