Victoria MacDermott art prints and posters

Victoria MacDermott was born in 1972 in Ireland, where she grew up on her parents’ farm.

She studied graphics and photography for four years at art college in Dublin, where she specialised particularly in Mixed Media and where she held her first exhibitions. In 1996 she moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a career but was increasingly drawn back to her early passion for painting, to which she now dedicates all her time.

Victoria MacDermott works in oil, pastels, charcoal and on etchings, and describes her artwork as “bothy traditional and figurative”. Influenced in particular by the Old Masters from Rembrandt to Caravaggio, Victoria MacDermott is also inspired by the work of her sister, Emma MacDermott, the noted equestrian sculptor.

Victoria MacDermott’s work has been exhibited at shows in Ireland and in the United Kingdom and her exhibition in Cork Street, in November 2001, was a complete sell-out.

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