Samantha Baguley art prints and posters

A selftaught artist, Ive been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. Ive worked as a pet porttrait painter for almost ten years, amongst various office and waitingon jobs, but have finally decided to be brave and see where my art takes me by painting whatever I fancy.
I love colour in paintings, and am interested in exploring how different colour spectrums work together to form a palette. Naturally a very detailed and slowworking artist, Im trying to let go of my caution and paint in a more instinctive way, while also remembering that sometimes the detail you leave out of the painting is as important as that which you include. To me, art is about visual decoration, a thing which lifts your mood just by looking at it.
Artists I am influenced by include Mucha, John Singer Sargeant, Klimt, Shawn Barber, and Munnings, to name a few, but often it depends what mood I wake up in!

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