Rodion Yefymov art prints and posters

I'M 29 years old. Was born in Crimea.Went to school in 1987,where was studying untill 1994 and then went to military cadet school in Donetck,was there for two years,felt and understood that an army is not for me.Came back in my town Yevpatoriya and finished my school years there.After i went to university to study management,was there for 3years and after came to London.I was studying managment and working in the night club to pay the bills,at the moment im working free lance as a photographer and starting to work in care industry.

When i was about six-seven i can remember-my grandfather Pavel was teaching me,he was keen photographer and my mum's second husband Sergey still doing great shots and has years of exepirience,so i've leared some basics of photography from them

Through stormy years of youth,i've forgotten about photography,five years ago i went to thailand with small digital sony camera and after when came back decided to have a go for photography more professionaly.

Art should carry a message ,a meaning behind,with my artwork i would like to bring some LIGHT to the world,we all need it at the moment.



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