Richard Osbourne art prints and posters

Travelling within the UK and around the world, British photographer Richard Osbourne revels in the beauty surrounding us, striving to document every beautiful detail of a landscape within his images. While beauty as a sole virtue may not be acclaimed within the contemporary art world, Osbourne's images have an unpretentious quality that captures nature in all its tranquil stages.

Osbourne's aim is “to give people who view my work the same great pleasure when I feel when I take the photographs”. Working with film and digital equipment, Osbourne's images employs a chiaroscuro technique, a style strongly characterized by sharp contrasts between light and dark in his art prints. The spectacular images from his Norwich series are timeless – some might even compare them to the work of master photographer William Eggleston's suburban Americana.

Osbourne's pictures are highly intriguing as their compositions are slightly off-kilter, yet seem to maintain a perfect balance between foreground and background, or sky and horizon.

Osbourne started taking photographs at art college in 1987, but only turned semi-professional in 1999 whilst juggling work as a graphic designer. In 2003, he dedicated his full attention and time to the craft of photography. Osbourne has exhibited widely and his photographic artworks are in private and corporate collections.

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