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Venus 2008 by Rabi Khan
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    About This Print

    every 3 minutes a woman is beaten

    every five minutes a

    woman is raped/every ten minutes

    a lil girl is molested

    yet i rode the subway today

    i sat next to an old man who

    may have beaten his old wife

    3 minutes ago or 3 days/30 years ago

    he might have sodomized his

    daughter but i sat there

    cuz the young men on the train

    might beat some young women

    later in the day or tomorrow

    i might not shut my door fast

    every 3 minutes it happens

    some woman's innocence

    rushes to her cheeks/pours from her mouth

    like the betsy wetsy dolls have been torn

    apart/their mouths

    menses red & split/every

    three minutes a shoulder

    is jammed through plaster and the oven door/

    chairs push thru the rib cage/hot water or

    boiling sperm decorate her body

    From With No Immediate Cause

    By Ntozake Shang

    Foot note: I am just an artist, not an activist.

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    Venus 2008 by Rabi Khan

    Venus 2008 by Rabi Khan

    Venus 2008 by Rabi Khan

    Venus 2008 by Rabi Khan

    Venus 2008 by Rabi Khan

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    Adds depth to an image and works with the moulding to enhance and protect the artwork.

    Backing board

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