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    About Blood red snow by P. Coote

    Expertly made in England by Easyart, this quality giclée print is produced using museum standard materials, providing rich, vibrant colours.

    24th November 1942Rytschov

    This is my chance! I immediately get behind the machine gun and fire some short, carefully aimed bursts, just as I learned how. I aim into the mass of the advancing Soviet infantry. Grommel is now beside me, helping me by feeding in the ammunition belt. My aim is good, and several of the brown-clad figures fall to the ground. The waving mass stops for a moment. But then moves ahead, bent double, step by step, right for us.

    My mind goes blank. I only see the advancing stream of enemy soldiers coming directly at us. I again fire directly into it. Only fear is there fear of this dirty brown heap of destruction constantly moving closer, which wants to kill me and everyone around me.

    Our machine gun bursts rip openings in their ranks. Dead and wounded are hitting the ground all the time. Günter K. Koschorrek, 1st Battalion, 21st Panzer Grenadier Regiment, Blood Red Snow.

    Size: 24 x 18 in. 660 x 457 mm

    Medium: oil on board

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    £14.95 In stock

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    Blood red snow by P. Coote

    Blood red snow by P. Coote

    Blood red snow by P. Coote

    Blood red snow by P. Coote

    Blood red snow by P. Coote

    Blood red snow by P. Coote

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