Nick Palmer art prints and posters

Primarily inspired by abstract art, Nick Palmer creates images that invite the viewer to explore the relationship between colours and geometric shapes. Treating his paintings as a visual language of form, colour and line to create a composition which exists with a degree of independence from visual references, Palmer's square canvases indicate a departure from reality in the depiction of imagery in art.

Overlaying white chalkish marks across square canvases of deep rubies and oranges, Palmer uses dramatic colours and rich textural paint strokes paired with dynamic compositions to create intense visual drama.

Pieces like Diamond Life and Red & White Maze are imbued with a primal energy although the talented artist also overlaps transparent washes across the bold paint swabs, creating a push and pull tension between the hard and softer elements in his work. As a contrast to the reds, Palmer has also created compositions in shades of greys and blues. With abstracted forms and symbols, Palmer aims to express the most diverse subjects drawn from his imagination.

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