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Lucy Dawson (who also worked under the name of 'Mac') was famous primarily for her portrait work and etching, but she was also of the most talented and, until recently, under-rated dog artists of the early twentieth century.

Lucy Dawson worked in pencil, pen, ink and oil, but was mainly known for her work in pastels. Her charming sketches of every breed of dog are reminiscent of the work of Cecil Aldin.

She lived in Bristol until about 1930, and then moved to London after the death of her husband. In the late 1930s, she moved again to Hertfordshire, where she stayed until she died just before her eightieth birthday.

Lucy Dawson wrote and illustrated a number of books, including Dogs as I See Them (1936), Dogs, Rough And Smooth (1937), Lucy Dawson's Dog Book (1939) and Neighbours (1939). She also had reproductions of her drawings featured in both English and American magazines.

Lucy Dawson was commissioned by the British Royal Family to go to Windsor Castle and paint their favourite corgi, named Dookie. This painting was later reproduced as the family's personal Christmas card. She also exhibited for many years at the R.I. Galleries in Piccadilly, London.

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