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    About White Stork by John Morgan

    Expertly made in England by Easyart, this quality giclée print is produced using museum standard materials, providing rich, vibrant colours.

    The White Stork is a large wading bird in the stork family Ciconiidae, breeding in the warmer parts of Europe north to Estonia, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia east to southern Kazakhstan.

    It is a strong migrant, wintering mainly in tropical Africa, down to the south of South Africa, and also in the Indian subcontinent.

    Threats to the species include the drainage of wetlands and other agricultural intensification, collisions with overhead power lines, use of persistent pesticides such as DDT to combat locusts in Africa, and largely illegal hunting on passage and the wintering grounds HBW.

    Some birds, known in German as Pfeilstorch arrow storks, have been found in Europe with African arrows embedded in their bodies.

    Available with bespoke, expertly handcrafted frames.

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    Beautiful art prints, expertly framed by Easyart craftsmen in the UK.

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    £14.95 In stock

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    White Stork by John Morgan

    White Stork by John Morgan

    White Stork by John Morgan

    White Stork by John Morgan

    White Stork by John Morgan

    White Stork by John Morgan

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