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    About Captivity by John Morgan

    Expertly made in England by Easyart, this quality giclée print is produced using museum standard materials, providing rich, vibrant colours.

    Captivity......... In Zoos or Wildlife Parks you either hate them or love them my personal opinion is this' these parks and zoos have come along way from just a animal in a cage, when I was a child to see a caged animal in such a confined space was cruel and unjustified !

    I can not comment on Zoos around the globe but I can tell you the uk parks and Zoo's are clean well maintained and each species has a wealth of open space and you can tell a animal apart from being unhappy to content and so far I'm very pleased with wefare of our exotic animals in this country.

    I do speak to the keepers a great deal they honestly said that they love there animals are always involved in breeding programs they also said this is the only way forward for the wonderful animals, birds, and reptiles on this planet sad but true, animals have got and still get a hard time in the wild and It's now up to us all to make that very important difference.................. However the uk can not go alone.

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    £14.95 In stock

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    Captivity by John Morgan

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