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John Harris

John Harris was born in 1948, studied at Exeter College of Art and graduated from there in 1970. He has participated in numerous exhibitions both in the UK and abroad, occasionally showing with groups such as the Brotherhood of Ruralists. His first one-man show was at Double Vision Galleries in 1984.

A preoccupation with scale and atmosphere are the hallmarks of his work and these concerns have led clients such as Shell, Philips Electronics and many others to commission pieces from him. Sir Clive Sinclair has in his collection, many large-scale canvases of his work.

In 1984, NASA invited him to Cape Kennedy to witness a launch of the space shuttle and record the event in a painting - the first British artist to be so honoured. That work now hangs in the Kennedy Space Centre and is part of the Smithsonian Collection.

Much of the work belonging to this period can be seen in the recently-published book, “MASS, The Art of John Harris” by Ron Tiner.

Since then his work has broadened to cover other areas of painting, and when not engaged in his projects he still paints for the commercial sector, in particular a series of paintings for the cruise ships of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Co.

HIs series of yacht paintings are a fresh take on the genre of nautical painting - John’s main concern was to covey something of the excitement and atmosphere of being on the water amongst these wonderful wind machines. They certainly express the idea of movement, speed, weather and the shifting nature of appearances.

John Harris lives and works in the West Country. He is married and has two children.

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