Jeremy Harnell art prints and posters

Jeremy Harnell

Jeremy Harnell is an award-winning music producer and graphic artist born in California and based in Southeast England. He has a strong passion for both visual design and music production, splitting his time between producing records and creating graphic art prints.

His strength in cross-medium art first manifested itself in 2007 when Jeremy made it to the finals of the Tate Tracks Awards, an experimental music competition which required musicians to create a piece of music inspired by works in the Tate Modern Gallery. That same year he released his first recorded work on acclaimed electronic music label Moodgadget Records. After releasing his first full-length album, Jeremy was voted Best Abstract/Experimental Artist in the 2011 Peoples Music Awards, the UK's largest independent music awards.

Jeremy's design work features a wide selection of bold, typographical abstract styles, often embracing his musical heritage by referencing vintage music and recording equipment.

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