Graham Benjamen Colton art prints and posters

Hi. My Name Is Graham Colton.

I live near Byron Bay, Australia's most Easterly Point.

I began initially by drawing with coloured pencil on paper.

I moved onto teaching myself how to use Microsoft Publisher to draw some characters for a children's book I was writing as yet unpublished.

It took me a lot of time and energy to work out how to draw those characters. Space Characters and Robots

They were the end result of many many days,years spent with the basic shapes and other drawing options that MS Publisher offered.

Such things have ways of gathering their own momentum.

All that you now see in my Gallery are the result of that initial desire to write that story.

I'm more than happy with how things have turned out since that time.

I have only recently moved onto drawing much larger, generally 1400mm x 800mm and using Illustrator and Photoshop and nothing else.

I have been very happy with what I have been able to create since then.

Thank you for Visiting My Gallery. Graham

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