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Elise Lunden was born in Arizona in 1977 and spent her youth there. Her older brother, who is an animator and comic book artist, sparked early creative notions that Elise identified with quite intuitively. Lunden says it was his influence that pushed her in the direction of the arts. She pursued an education in the artistic realm by attending and graduating from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco with an emphasis in illustration and animation.

Lunden looks to the masters of the Italian Renaissance with great admiration for their innovation and detail: "the artists of that era were the founders of true anatomy and great perspective". She also credits much of her inspiration to notable illustrators such as Charles Santore and Michael Parks.

Lunden’s work is a visual wonderland. Her paintings invite viewers to stroll through blossoming landscapes in an array of springtime flowers, or to enjoy a quiet summer escape in the countryside. Splashes of colour layer the canvas with bold richness and depth that create plentiful pockets of interest that draw the viewer in and hold them there. Elise’s work with dimensional sculptures is updated and imaginative. Clean sweeps with various patinas and luminescence creates light and movement across sculpted metal surfaces. Lunden captures a delicate balance of both the artistic applications and organic nature of these pieces with a finished product that is skilfully polished.

While Elise is enjoying the inventiveness and eloquence of creating fine art, she hopes some day to pursue her dream of writing and illustrating children’s books. Lunden describes her own style as stemming from the side of fantasy art. As for Lunden’s creative process, "I discover a subject or point of reference that truly inspires me and build from there".

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