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Deborah Jones is the creator of two the most successful ranges of greetings cards of all time; Forever Friends and Hoppy Street.

Told by a colleague in the early 1980s: “don’t go into designing cards – it’s a mug’s game and you’ll never make it”, over 600 million of Deborah Jones’ Forever Friends cards have now been sold. At one stage, so prolific was she that she was personally creating over 1200 new pieces of Forever Friends artwork each year.

The range was originally created for the Andrew Brownsword Collection, which was later bought by Hallmark, the largest publishing company in the world. When her contract with Hallmark expired in 2000, Deborah Jones took the decision to end her link to Forever Friends and to take a sabbatical year away from the greetings card business. She returned to the world of design in 2001 with a brand new range called Hoppy Street.

Hoppy Street was an immediate triumph and that same year won Deborah Jones the award for Best Cute or Whimsical Range at The Henries, the British greetings card Oscars.

Born in 1959, Deborah Jones is married to Toby and now lives on a small farm on the outskirts of Bath, where, amongst other things, they keep and breed rare chickens, sheep and a small herd of alpacas.

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