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Clay Sinclair

New Zealand born, but now Oxford-based artist Clay Sinclair (born 1968) likes to describe his art as “provocative pop paintings on perspex.”

Sinclair’s humorous, playful and gently mocking works reflect human and societal concerns and explore themes of wealth, power and ego. His art stimulates and challenges the viewer, but often with a lightness of touch that tries not to pass judgement.

Although the son of an accomplished landscape artist, it wasn’t until he relocated to the UK in 1996 that Sinclair started playing with art and exploring various creative techniques. During this early period he developed his unique style of painting ‘backwards’ on to perspex.

In 2004 Sinclair went full-time as an artist, and quickly rose through the echelons of the British art scene. In 2009 London’s Woolff Gallery signed Sinclair and have showcased his unique work to a receptive global audience. It has been met with critical acclaim and Sinclair has quickly gained a reputation for his irreverence, insight and artistic talents.

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