Claudia Ancilotti art prints and posters

Claudia Ancilotti began her artistic career as an illustrator. Despite, being based in the Austro-Bavarian city of Regensburg, Ancilotti's paintings reflects her Italian background and her love of the Tuscan way of life.

Favouring warm earthy tones of taupe, brown and red, Ancilotti depicts landscapes of the long Italian summers of her childhood years and scenes of spiritual balance. She is also well-known for her series of still-life paintings. These Ancilotti still lives, essentially a principal genre of Western art, demonstrate the pleasure of nature, mostly of cut flowers in vases. Her plants mostly appear as a as trios of vases or planters, painted with a translucent quality.

Claudia Ancilotti's paintings are very much influenced by her travels in Southern France and islands of the Mediterranean. Ancilotti is also well known for her lounge paintings, mainly of eastern-themed montages where artworks such Buddha Lounge and Egyptian Lounge explore ideas of spirituality and eastern philosophy.

Ancilotti strives to communicate warmth, light and eternal summer afternoons within her canvases, which we think she’s pretty successful at!

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