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    About Recycled Doll by Clare Timmis

    Expertly made in England by Easyart, this quality giclée print is produced using museum standard materials, providing rich, vibrant colours.

    A figurative sculpture vibrant and startling piece, which is made from a selection of multicoloured and multipatterned and multtextured decorative worn fabrics found, reformed and celebrated.

    The alternative and complementing colours, patterns and designs are purposefully sorted, selected, reminisced to celebrate the historical nature and purpose. It has a meditative tactile quality of an almost discarded nature of the short shelf life of 'nouns' garments, objects, toys, humans which suggests the possibility of icons, vibrant and elevated 'longer life' status.

    Always notions of homespun, of nature, liberation and suppression of 'traditional female role', stereotyping, cross culural.

    There is a quiet silence, intelligence and deadly nature of the 'blanket', toy, mascot, target etc.

    Always notions of beauty and quiet, reflection, mesmerising beauty of life.

    Available with bespoke, expertly handcrafted frames.

    Proudly made in the UK

    Beautiful art prints, expertly framed by Easyart craftsmen in the UK.

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    £14.95 In stock

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    Recycled Doll by Clare Timmis

    Recycled Doll by Clare Timmis

    Recycled Doll by Clare Timmis

    Recycled Doll by Clare Timmis

    Recycled Doll by Clare Timmis

    Recycled Doll by Clare Timmis

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