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Noted for his political charged playful style, which uses dark humour, pop culture icons and regular motifs such as rats and monkeys, Banksy emerged as the poster boy for street art. With his identity kept firmly under wraps the artist was able to build a level of intrigue around his often audacious work. Notable feats include a series of murals on the Israeli West Bank wall and the placing of defaced works into galleries such as New York’s Museum of Modern art and London’s National Gallery. At the height of the artist’s fame in 2010 he released the Oscar nominated documentary Exit Through The Gift shop. The film only served to further propel confusion surrounding the artist, as he celebrated the anarchic spirit of street art whist lampooning an art market willing to pay increasingly ridiculous prices to own a part of it. Since then works by the artists continue to appear on street walls, challenging attitudes towards graffiti and the place and purpose of art.

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